Cayendo Hacia Arriba

2334 stars
Shel Silverstein

Cayendo Hacia Arriba by Shel Silverstein PDF, TXT, ePub, PDB, RTF, FB2.

Title Cayendo Hacia Arriba
Rating 2334 stars
Author Shel Silverstein
Pages 171
Isbn 1933032804
Review lol!
i can recite a poem right form it!!
Ickle me, pickle me, tickle me too
ent for a ride in a flying shoe, hooray what fun,
its time we flew,
cried Ickle me Pickle me Tickle me too,

Ickle was captain Pickle was crew Tickle serves cofee and mulligan stew and higher and higher and higher they flew,
Ickle me Pickle me Tickle me too.

Ickle me Pickle me Tickle me too,
Never returned to the world they knew,
and no one knows what happened to,
dear Ickle me, Pickle me Tickle me too,.

lawl, that was my favorite poem out of there!!
XD i have no idea why, maybe its the idea of a flying shoe...


i remember when i was in first grade, i had to do read a poem from his poem book Falling Up and i decided to pick a poem about this little kid going home and he notices a hat following him, the little kid gets all paranoid and relizes the hat has a tail. the little boy picks up the hat a comes to find that under the hat was either a little cat or a dog, i really cant remember, it was kind of a long time ago. but those poems made up my childhood. they made me think, analize, and got me to believe that the world is really this smooth wonderful place. this is a good mindset for a child and thats why i really like this book.

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