Jeannot Lapin

1000 stars
Beatrix Potter

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Title Jeannot Lapin
Rating 1000 stars
Author Beatrix Potter
Pages 58
Isbn 2070560945
Review (Spoiler alert).Benjamin Bunny comes to the rescue of his forlorn cousin Peter Rabbit, having discovered him sans jacket and shoes, but covering his modesty with a rather fetching pocket handkerchief (human- rather than rabbit-sized). With the clothes-stealing Mr McGregor absent (no doubt at the bank where he is hoping to extend his loan to cover his food losses), they sneak paramilitary style into his garden, where Peter's clothes have been requisitioned as part of a scarecrow to combat the theft problem the luckless farmer has been subjected to.

Fearless Benjamin and fearful Peter reclaim the clothing, gather a few vegetables in revenge, and set off for home, an even more perilous journey, as they are set upon by the cunning and patient guard cat, but are ultimately rescued by Benjamin's father (possibly a near relative of General Woundwort from Watership Down), who unfairly beats them with his switch for showing initiative in providing food for Peter's hard working single-parent mother. All is forgotten however when Mrs Rabbit sees what her son and nephew have brought home (especially that delightful pocket handkerchief). She always knew that Oliver Twist was a good book for young rabbits to read.


I've read the Tale of Peter Rabbit a while ago. It was nice, but I think I prefer this sequel. In my opinion, the tale of Benjamin Bunny was less predictable than the one of Peter Rabbit.

As always I liked the drawings. Especially those of the rabbits are truly beautiful. I even prefer them to many of those modern picture books.

Now, I really liked Benjamin Bunny. He was funny, whereas naughty Peter from the first story turned into a scared one. Although I do get why that is. After all, he only just escaped out of Mr. McGregor's garden. It must be scary for him to be back. Having said that, I'm glad Benjamin was there this time. The thought of a rabbit with a tam-o-shanter and clogs. Only Beatrix Potter can imagine those things.

I did think the punishment Benjamin and Peter got from Benjamins father was rather harsh. But then again, that was common in those times, wasn't it?

Want to read more reviews, check my blog: This is a children's book well worth reading by adults, and an author and illustrator well worth emulating.

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